All vehicles (owners, tenants, & guests) must be register!!

In the last 48 hours management at the board direction has towed 7 vehicles & many more are slotted to be towed if not taken care of ASAP. For months we have been warning people & more times than not these warnings have been disregarded. Well the warnings are now over! If you do by chance get a warning please listen to it because WE ARE TOWING! Part of our problem was the old tow company was not showing up when called. Well we have a new company which is allowed to patrol and tow without us even calling them. You will need to pay out of your pocket to get your vehicle back.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have more cars then owned spaces then the extra vehicles must be parked on the street or an unmarked parking spot. If you want to park in another units spot that owner must fill out paperwork & give it to management stating they will no long have access to that parking spot & that you are the only one that can park there. If this has not been done by the owner of that parking spot then you are illegally parked!!

In accordance with the governing documents of AltaMonte HOA, all owners, tenants, and guests must register their vehicles to ensure proper enforcement of the parking rules and regulations: 

If you do not fill out this vehicle registration form, you may be fined and your vehicle towed. Please contact with any questions or concerns.